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『Game of Thrones』 premiere sets stage for wild ride to finale

The following contains spoilers about the 「Game of Thrones」 Season 8 premiere.


表示“(演出嘅)終場;(音樂嘅)終曲”,英文解釋為“The finale of a show, piece of music, or series of shows is the last part of it or the last one of them, especially when this is exciting or impressive.”比如the finale of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony就表示“肖斯塔克維奇第五交響曲嘅終曲”。


表示“劇情透露,劇透”,英文解釋為“a message or report that is intended to ruin the surprising part of a popular film, book etc by telling people about the surprise before they see or read it”。


1) 表示“攪亂嘅人;攪亂嘅事物”,英文解釋為“If you describe someone or something as a spoiler, you mean that they try to spoil the performance of other people or things.”舉個🌰:

I was a talentless spoiler.


2) 表示“(飛機上用以減速嘅)擾流器;(汽車嘅)氣流偏導器”,英文解釋為:A spoiler is an object which forms part of an aircraft’s wings or part of the body of a car. It changes the flow of air around the vehicle, allowing an aircraft to change direction or making a car’s forward movement more efficient.

The penultimate season of 「Game of Thrones」 was largely defined by bringing key characters together — some meeting for the first time, others reunited after having endured harrowing ordeals.


penultimate /penˈʌltɪmət/表示“倒數第二嘅”,英文解釋為“The penultimate thing in a series of things is the second to the last.”舉個🌰:

He won gold on the penultimate day of the contest.


但這個詞人們喺日常英語中用得比較少,一般說the next to last或the last but one, 比如“倒數第二章”就可以說:the next to last chapter或the last but one chapter。


表示“折磨人嘅”,英文解釋為“A harrowing experience is extremely upsetting or disturbing.”舉個🌰:

We may all have had a harrowing time in the past few days.



表示“可怕嘅經曆,痛苦嘅折磨”,英文解釋為“a terrible or painful experience that continues for a period of time”舉個🌰:

Soon the whole terrifying ordeal would be over.


The Season 8 kickoff ratcheted up that dynamic in thrilling fashion, as forces marshal for the anticipated battle between the living and the undead legions of the Night King.

ratchet up

表示“(尤指喺連續數次提高之後)(使)小幅增加(提高)”,英文解釋為“to increase something by a small amount, especially after a series of increases, or to increase in this way”舉個🌰:

Overuse of credit cards has ratcheted up consumer debt to unacceptable levels.



marshal /’mɑrʃəl/

1) 表示“整理(思路、諗法等)”,英文解釋為“to organize your thoughts, ideas etc so that they are clear, effective, or easy to understand”,如:marshal your thoughts/arguments etc,舉個🌰:

When working on my doctoral thesis, I often pause for a moment to marshal my thoughts.


2) 表示“整理調集,集結(力量)”,英文解釋為“to organize all the people or things that you need in order to be ready for a battle, election etc”舉個🌰:

The general marshalled his forces for a major offensive.


Of course, forging those alliances won’t come easily, with plenty of suspicion and mistrust sprinkled throughout the hour. But the mantra, repeated by different characters in various ways, was as Tyrian (Peter Dinklage) put it, 「We must fight together now, or die.」


sprinkle本來表示“灑/撒”嘅意思,引申為“零星分布”或者理解為“穿插著”,同with可以組成固定詞組be sprinkled with,英文解釋為“If something is sprinkled with particular things, it has a few of them throughout it and they are far apart from each other.”舉個🌰:

Unfortunately, the text is sprinkled with errors.



mantra /ˈmæntrə/ 表示“準則”,可以理解為“某人嘅口頭禪(尤其係他把這句話當真理嘅時候),老話”,英文解釋為“You can use mantra to refer to a statement or a principle that people repeat very often because they think it is true, especially when you think that it not true or is only part of the truth.”舉個🌰:

Listening to customers is now part of the mantra of new management in public services.


Similarly, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) sought to defend Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) from his wary countrymen in the north, saying that in the battle to come, 「Without her, we don’t stand a chance.」

stand a chance

表示“有可能;有希望”,英文解釋為“If you say that someone stands a chance of achieving something, you mean that they are likely to achieve it. If you say that someone doesn’t stand a chance of achieving something, you mean that they cannot possibly achieve it.”舉個🌰:

Being very good at science subjects, I stood a good chance of gaining high grades.


The one character going against the come-together grain, meanwhile, remains Cersei (Lena Headey, at her imperious best), who doesn’t seem to mind seeing much of the world burn as long as she winds up surviving.

go against the grain of

表示“同…格格唔入”,英文解釋為“If you say that an idea or action goes against the grain, you mean that it is very difficult for you to accept it or do it, because it conflicts with your previous ideas, beliefs, or principles.”舉個🌰:

Privatization goes against the grain of their principle of opposition to private ownership of industry.



表示“專橫嘅;傲慢嘅;飛揚跋扈嘅”,英文解釋為“If you describe someone as imperious, you mean that they have a proud manner and expect to be obeyed.”舉個🌰:

Her attitude is imperious at times.


One of the complaints about the last season was that it moved too fast, that characters managed to traverse the distance between locales in record time.


表示“場所”,英文解釋為“A locale is a small area, for example, the place where something happens or where the action of a book or film is set.”舉個🌰:

An amusement park is the perfect locale for youngsters to have all sorts of adventures.


While that feels like nitpicking (hey, it’s what die-hards do), the show has stepped up its pacing.


表示“吹毛求疵,挑剔”,英文解釋為“to find faults in details that are not important”舉個🌰:

You’re always nitpicking – it’s so annoying!


For the most part, that has been immensely satisfying, yielding crowd-pleasing moments that the series generally avoided in the often-grim journey, especially for the Stark kids, which has led to this point.

In the premiere, that included fine scenes for the battle-hardened(久經沙場嘅) Arya (Maisie Williams), Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Theon (Alfie Allen), as well as the stunning if awkward meeting of Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright).

That last scene, which tantalizingly(撩人地;逗引性地) capped off the episode, dates back to what is essentially the program’s original sin. Caught in a compromising moment, Jaime threw Bran off a castle wall, crippling the boy, whose eerie mental powers are only one of the supernatural elements that have gradually permeated the series.

cap off

表示“結束某件事”,英文解釋為:To finish something, often in a particularly good or bad way. A noun can be used between 「cap」 and 「off」 or after 「off”。舉個🌰:

Come on, we need to throw one last party to cap off our senior year!


eerie /’ɪəri,ˋɪrɪ/表示“怪異嘅;可怕嘅”,英文解釋為“If you describe something as eerie, you mean that it seems strange and frightening, and makes you feel nervous.”舉個🌰:

I walked down the eerie dark path.



1) 表示“(思諗、情感或態度)全麵影響”,英文解釋為“If an idea, feeling, or attitude permeates a system or permeates society, it affects every part of it or is present throughout it.”舉個🌰:

Bias against women permeates every level of the judicial system.


2) 表

The smell of roast beef permeated the air.


Having moved ahead of author George R.R. Martin’s literary output, TV producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss have piloted the story to its finish, which represents its own significant accomplishment.


表示“試行(計劃或方案)”,英文解釋為“If a government or organization pilots a programme or project, they test it, before deciding whether to introduce it on a larger scale.”舉個🌰:

Teachers are piloting a literature-based reading programme.


Novelists don’t have to worry about holding massive casts together, kids growing older or actors chafing to move on to different roles.


chafe /tʃeɪf,tʃef/ 表示“惱火”,英文解釋為“If you chafe at something such as a restriction, you feel annoyed about it.”舉個🌰:

He was chafing under the company’s new ownership.


For all that happened in the opener — and a lot did — there was still a sense that this episode basically set up the pieces, artfully, for what’s to come, with the combination of character beats and epic sweep that viewers have come to expect from the series.

character beats and epic sweep

涉及到la編劇方麵嘅知識,beat指嘅係“節奏”,然後有個相關術語叫做“節奏表(Beat Sheet)”,指高概念電影創作中因應觀影習慣總結出來嘅情節節奏列表。比如多少分鍾或者劇本嘅第幾頁一樣出現怎樣嘅情節,係合理劇情詳略跟轉折科學有效嘅套路。

此處嘅sweep表示“(某事物嘅)廣度,範圍”,英文解釋為“the many different and important ideas, events, or qualities of something”,比如the broad sweep of history,表示“浩瀚嘅曆史”。

「Thrones」 is an unwieldy beast, and it’s still possible that the show won’t be able to stick the landing. But if the premiere is any guide, like Jon and Daenerys』 dizzying date, the remaining five episodes promise to be a genuinely wild ride.


1) 表示“笨重嘅”,英文解釋為“If you describe an object as unwieldy, you mean that it is difficult to move or carry because it is so big or heavy.”舉個🌰:

They came panting up to his door with their unwieldy baggage.


2) 表示“龐大而難以控製嘅(體製)”,英文解釋為“If you describe a system as unwieldy, you mean that it does not work very well as a result of it being too large or badly organized.”舉個🌰:

The benefits system is complicated and unwieldy and needs reforming.


stick the landing

冇喺權威詞典中找到關於這個短語嘅中文解釋,唔過喺urban dictionary中提到la,指嘅係:Execute flawlessly from the beginning through the end,大概意思就係指“自始至終完美無暇地完成某事”,Wiktionary則解釋為:To complete a process in an impressive and conclusive manner. 舉個🌰:

All phases of the sales cycle require great attention to detail but to be successful, we must “stick the landing” to close the deal.

實際上,stick the landing係體育領域裏嘅“行話”(jargon),乜嘢意思,看下圖就明白how to stick the landing.

This term is part of the jargon of gymnastics, aerial and freestsyle skiing, the long jump, various kinds of boarding, and other similar sports.

stick the landing: to finish an athletic, gymnastic, or other sports performance with an ideal pose or stance, especially after a jump or leap; (hence, also outside of sports) to do or finish well; to win.


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